Although we will be ready to act again to support front line staff across London Hospitals this winter, over the summer, we turned our focus to support those groups who we felt were most in need – the vulnerable and homeless;  Since May, some of your kind donations have allowed us to help the homeless via the Kaleidoscope Project & YMCA and also provide support for vulnerable families in South London through Evolve London, Swan London, NHS community nurses, the Trident Centre and care workers at Managing Care CIC.

Working with our partners we have been able to deliver upwards of 1500+ meals a day using over 50 restaurants and local catering firms, whilst pumping much needed cash back into the community to support restaurateurs and food manufacturers who would have ceased trading without our support.

Over the last few months we have been able to drive down our average meal cost, working with Mustard Foods to offer a range of good quality basic stock meals to partners who are able to facilitate the heating, plating and supply of pasta or rice staples to serve meals.

None of this would have been possible without your generosity, giving us access to sufficient funding within a short space of time to show our concern and gratitude to those who are most at risk in caring for their patients or who have been worst affected by the pandemic.

We are very much a community organisation who are reliant upon your continued support to fund the work that we hope to do in the difficult weeks and months ahead!

Critical NHS is a NOT FOR PROFIT initiative registered as Critical Support C.I.C, a Community Interest Company Registered in the UK N°  12556208